Three Essential Considerations When Working With E. Coli Expression Systems

E. coli expression systems involve many variables but are one of the most common and efficient methods for protein expression. E. coli is by far the most popular protein expression platform. The days when pharmaceutical manufacturers had to refine large quantities of plant or animal tissues and fluids into the desired protein are practically gone. [...]

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Optimizing the Lyophilization Cycle

The lyophilization cycle is a key component in the manufacturing process of many pharmaceutical products. Understanding lyophilization requires a basic understanding of sublimation—the process by which a solid transitions directly to a vapor or gaseous state without first passing through a liquid phase. Sublimation is part of the lyophilization cycle, during which ice or other [...]

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The Quickest and Surest Path to Successful Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing

Clinical trials are an integral part of the drug development process, but successful clinical trials require materials that can be quickly and reliably produced in accordance with the dynamic demands of trial protocols. The manufacture of clinical trial material (CTM) often happens at smaller scale than other contract manufacturing operations, and may come with highly [...]

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