Meeting Challenges in Biologic Fermentation Development

Developing a fermentation process for biologics can be daunting – and rewarding. Biologic pharmaceuticals offer vast new avenues for treating an extensive array of diseases and chronic conditions. As the field has advanced, microbial fermentation has grown in prominence as a biologic production method due to its distinct advantages. This technique has even become preferred [...]

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How Single-Use Instruments are Revolutionizing Biologic Vaccine Development

Single-use tools may be one of the most effective solutions for avoiding contamination, but they do present several challenges. Contamination can significantly derail the development of a biologic vaccine. When contaminated instruments come into contact with biologic samples, the resulting chemical reactions can ruin the batch by changing the composition of the product, forcing developers [...]

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Key Concerns in Microbial Biologic Development

Undaunted by the many challenges posed by biologics processing, developers continue seeking out new techniques. Biopharmaceuticals (or biologics), while not exactly a new technology, are a fascinating and lucrative medical frontier to explore. The first medicine derived from a biological source dates back to the treatment of diphtheria in the 19th century, but the boom [...]

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