Vero Vaccine Development VxP BiologicsRapid virus evolution challenges the medical industry with new strains every year. The Vero cell platform meets these challenges with a streamlined system for the rapid development of novel vaccines. The platform has proven effective at developing vaccines for SARS, avian influenza and other evolving threats, for the following five reasons:

1. Rigorously validated pipelines

Vero’s development pipelines enable rapid generation, inactivation and purification of large batches of viruses, delivering vaccines in time to respond to emerging viral threats.

2. Simultaneous multi-batch processing

In Vero pipelines, one batch of cells is cultured at the same time another batch is propagated and cultured in a tiered bank system. This shortens the timetable from months to mere weeks.

3. Rapid downstream purification

Once a pipeline has yielded a batch of viruses, ultracentrifugation and homogenization are used to rapidly purify the product, removing residual DNA and other impurities.

4. Intensive safety protocols

Vero’s flexible development pipeline safeguards the purity and safety of each vaccine, with rigorous guidelines that adhere to all international regulations.

5. Built-in regulatory streamlining

Vero cells have been accepted by regulatory authorities in more than 60 countries, significantly streamlining the processes of licensure and regulatory approval. Vero vaccine pipelines provide major advantages. At VxP, we’re experts at leveraging those benefits.

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