Injectable Biologic Formulation Development

The field has advanced considerably in recent years, but a number of key challenges remain. by Raymond E Peck, CEO of VxP Biologics Because injectable biologics are introduced directly into the body’s tissues, these formulations must be extraordinarily free from contamination of every kind. This requirement sets a high bar for the manufacturing of injectables. [...]

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New Investments and Approvals Spur the Development of Biologics

Although still expensive to develop and produce, large molecules are rapidly taking over. by Susan Thompson, Technical Director at VxP Biologics For most of the previous century, much of pharmaceutical research focused on the development of small-molecule “blockbuster” drugs, which treated a wide variety of diseases for a great number of patients, and could thus [...]

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Sterile Injectables for Clinical Trials

Growth continues, but logistical and regulatory hurdles limit worldwide supplies. by Susan Thompson, Technical Director at VxP Biologics The global market for sterile injectables continues to expand at an impressive rate. In 2015, this market was valued at $299.7 billion; and its compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is projected at 6.9 percent, at least through [...]

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