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Manufacturing competencies aren’t the only reasons to partner with a contract manufacturing organization (CMO). Throughout every stage of your pharma development process, analytics can help increase efficiency, raise margins, and keep you ahead of your competition in all seven of the following ways:

1. Validation programs characterize useful compounds, streamlining the selection of stable excipients to include in your formulation.

2. Analytics quantify your formulation’s properties, facilitating identification of impurities, sensitivities, and other potentially challenging traits.

3. Quantitative analysis identifies promising pilot batches, minimizing time and resources invested in less-viable variations of your drug.

4. Quality control testing ensures adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP), reducing downtime due to inspections and process overhauls.

5. Cleanroom analytics prevent contamination issues, equipping you to resolve any safety hazards before they result in harm to your employees.

6. Safety and market research enables design of better packaging, resulting in more appealing end products with less likelihood of breakage or other damage.

7. Witness data safeguards your intellectual property, protecting you from costly investigations and legal entanglements related to the drugs you develop.

Pharmaceutical analytics simplify your development pipeline. We’ll show you how.

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