Solid Oral Dosage Vaccine Development and Manufacturing

Challenges of adapting vaccines for oral administration remain significant, but emerging techniques promise greater flexibility and efficiency. Pressures to streamline development and production continue to ramp up in many areas of the pharmaceutical industry. This is particularly true in the field of solid oral dosage forms for vaccines, which now account for more than 60 [...]

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5 Major Benefits of Vero Vaccine Development Pipelines

Rapid virus evolution challenges the medical industry with new strains every year. The Vero cell platform meets these challenges with a streamlined system for the rapid development of novel vaccines. The platform has proven effective at developing vaccines for SARS, avian influenza and other evolving threats, for the following five reasons: 1. Rigorously validated [...]

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The Vero Vaccine Production Pipeline

The Vero platform’s upstream and downstream processing stages are designed for maximum efficiency and safety, as well as purity of the final product. Despite many recent advances in vaccine development technology, the actual process of bringing new vaccines to the clinical trial stage often remains cumbersome and slow. Even the most elaborate recombinant technologies and vector systems may not integrate smoothly into an existing manufacturing pipeline, and inefficiencies and safety issues may emerge at any step of the process.

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Advanced Development and Manufacturing of Antibody Technologies (ADAMANT)

To help accelerate MCM development, VxP Biologics has developed its Advanced Development and Manufacturing of Antibody Technologies (ADAMANT) platform. This platform integrates cell libraries, region design and selection techniques, and formulation standards into a high-throughput production format. By optimizing and standardizing antibody design and production, ADAMANT helps biologic developers bring new antibody candidates to the clinical trial stage more rapidly.

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Vero Cell Platform Technology

This cell development platform has proven effective in the creation of a number of viral vaccines. by Susan Thompson, Technical Director at VxP Biologics Recent years have witnessed a significant amount of innovation in technologies for the development of novel vaccines. These technologies include new vector systems for delivering attenuated vaccines, recombinant technologies for generating [...]

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BSL-3 Biologic Development

Advances in Biological Safety Level 3 technology offer advantages for agile biologic developers. by Raymond E Peck, CEO of VxP Biologics Many types of biologics include live populations of organisms, some of which may be highly infectious in active form. Vaccines, in particular, often contain deadly bacteria and viruses in live but attenuated forms. The [...]

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Clinical Stage Products

Emerging technologies offer exciting opportunities for the development of novel therapies. by Susan Thompson, Technical Director at VxP Biologics Although commercial sales are certainly a desirable target for pharmaceutical development, they’re far from the only reason to invest in new products. In a number of fields, pharma developers are partnering with contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) [...]

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